Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first slipcover!

I've a hard time keeping up with blogging lately.  I have several projects like an inch away from being finished and I'm in a mad dash to get them done before Christmas.  And I haven't EVEN pulled out one single Christmas decoration yet - that kinda makes me queasy just thinking about that.  I know some people love holiday decorating (my niece being one of them...if she could make outside Christmas decorating a competitive sport - she would AND she would win!)  Don't get me wrong, I love a Christmasy feeling all over the house, but just the idea of hauling tubs from the garage, switching everything out & wrecking the house in the process, then having to put it all back up...blech!  I guess that's a little Scroogey of me, huh?

Well, all that aside, I did make my first slipcovers for 2 dining room chairs.  I bought these chairs for $5 each.  They are super sturdy and just what I was looking for to do this project.  I wanted to mix things up a little at the dining room table because it seemed too matchy-matchy with all the chairs being the same.


I would have just painted them & recovered the seat but there was some minor damage to the caning.

Added a layer of batting.

Pin fit a lightly bleached drop cloth.  Covering the second chair went a lot faster than the first.  I took advantage of the already hemmed drop cloth when I could (as MMS advises). I pinned just a smidge snug then sewed on the outside of the pin line. 


They're very simple but I like them.  I'll try cording the next time.

I painted the legs black.  I know I should have ironed it before taking pictures,
but at the time that seemed really, really hard.

I also played around with my centerpiece and added some berries & more candles.

 We still have the chandelier sitting in the corner, so that sucker needs to go up and the 1980s one (seen in the mirror) can come down.  I might be able to talk Brian into doing that this weekend.

Last night I made the curtains for Andy's closet and hung them.  I'm finishing his window valances  today. I love the way his room is coming together.  I'm going to put pics of that up this week.  And I'm pretty sure I'm doing some long term damage to my hands with my non-stop crafting. We suffer for our art, don't we?

I'm linky partying with MMS at FFF.  Thanks for coming by!



  1. Wow!! The slipcovers turned out great! I love the way you have the dining room put together...I think we're having Thanksgiving at YOUR house next year...

  2. I love the way the fabric looks for the slipcovers. What you did with $5 dollar chairs is amazing! Centerpiece is beautiful. And don't feel're not the only blogger out there undecorated for the holiday:) You are absolutely right, too. I couldn't keep fingernails if I wanted to! lol

  3. First of all Jen, you just made my night with that compliment you just gave me about Hilary Swank. No, I have never heard that before, but will take it and make you my new best friend! LOL!

    Second, your chair covers are great. They went from thrift store find to Pottery Barn chairs. Also, I love that green on your walls. My bathroom was that color at one time. I had to change it though because it didn't match the fabric I was using. Then of course about 6 months after I had made that brave move with that color, it was all over Pottery Barn. Love that you did it in your dining room.

    Don't worry about not decorating for Xmas yet. The only reason I have it done is because blogging really gives me that push in the rear to keep up with the Jones'....

    Take care,

  4. Lovely transformation on the chairs! I'm ready to tackle some slipcovers when we get home...I just have to figure out how to get the 45 yards of fabric home with me :) I seriously bought 25 yards of denim (lightweight upholstery fabric just perfect for slipcovers) and 20 yards of a heavier weight apple green. Swoon!

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