Friday, November 19, 2010

Finally finished something!!

My blog was completely abandoned for a while there.  I've had an interesting few weeks..a little fun, a little chaos and a lot of work mixed in.  This week I'm puppysitting for my mom, my Facebook got hacked into and bizarre things are happening on that front AND I have 2 sick kitties.  I think I have a few new gray hairs.

I've also spent alot of time with this little guy (not so little anymore) - doing fun stuff with him & for him. First, a little Halloween fun....

He said he was a mercenary but everyone called him Rambo.  
He had no idea who that was..but Rambo made out like a bandit with candy.

Then I worked on the lockers & cabinets for his room.  I also touched up paint, hung pictures, scrubbed everything & organized it. His room is officially decrapified!  I'm so happy about know when you are working on a project in your home and you know it's truly going to change the quality of your life? Well, THIS was one of those for me!  I absolutely L-O-V-E being organized and after this I have that is a disaster area - the den. I'm working on that one.

On to the lockers, before:


I know, painting them white..big deal.  BUT the big deal part is that they hold so much stuff!

Check it out!  He has a locker for his impressive collection of swords, baseball & nerf gun locker, game locker, BB gun & telescope, backpack & school stuff, etc.  Picture is a little dark but it's all in there! These cost me $25 & a weekend of elbow grease..totally worth it.

I don't have a before of these.  It's 2 cabinets I found at Neiman Marcus (that's what my grandmother used to call Goodwill).  I think I spent $30 for both of them.  They were an off white with brass handles. I painted them a high gloss white & spray painted the handles a bright silver.  The red crates hold a ton of toys.

Legos, Lincoln Logs & remote cars are in this one. 
The other cabinet is full of his school papers that he wants to keep, pictures, journals, etc. 

I hung some of his artwork on a wire under a large window.  I'm going to show the whole thing after I finish sewing his curtains. I love the bright colors!

His room has a space theme but we have a little bit of everything in here. I found these nightstands at Salvation Army a few years ago and painted them Red Licorice from Behr. Great pulls on these.

Those are reproductions of 50s space posters.
The sight of a made bed just warms my heart *sigh*.

I got this mobile off Amazon a few years ago.  I took it down & cleaned it and put more glow in the dark paint on the planets. It's really cool at night.

Here is the other nightstand with Space Sock Monkey & a lava lamp. 

I have also sanded & treated my dining room table, painted an end table & continue to work on the den.  I actually have finished rooms to post about now!  I don't know how some of you superbloggers get all of your projects done & blog on top of working & take care of the fam - maybe I'll get there!!  

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