Pet Rescue Resources

Since I found myself (on more than one occasion) with a pretty impressive vet bill, I've researched a few alternatives to my regular veterinarian inorder to help as many animals as possible.

Now most of these are going to be in the Atlanta area but you can always call or email for referrals to similar services in your area.  There really is no excuse to not have your pet spay/neutered & vaccinated.  It's the best thing for them and it's the only way to solve the problem of pet overpopulation and disease which leads to many, many wonderful pets being euthanized daily in shelters.

Check out these sites for help:

 This is a wonderful group of vets that offer vaccinations via a mobile unit.  I met them at  the Tractor Supply Store  (where I buy pet food) a few weeks ago.  They have 4 pet vaccination packages ranging from $33 to $69.  Their care includes heartworm testing & prevention for dogs, FELV/FIV for cats, microchip ID for all along with regular vaccinations. 

They offer low prices and free shipping on pet meds as well. (1-888-680-PETS)

Another mobile unit (love these!!)  Spay (female) - $60 & Neuter (male) - $40 includes pain medications too!  I have referred a lot of people to this group and used them when I worked with rescue groups. They are awesome!!   I can't say enough good things about the quality of care they offer.  You have to make reservations on their online calendar or you will be treated as a stand-by and if they have space they will take your cat.  I highly recommend making a reservation.

I hope this information is helpful! 
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