Monday, June 28, 2010

Getting my routine on..

I don't know about everybody else, but I find such comfort in a routine.  And I got back into mine today...starting with Fit Camp at my gym.  It kicked my arse!  It's a great workout and my trainer really pushes me, which I need & fortunately, I like it.  Today we were running down a main road in town with weights in our hands over our heads..on top of it just being really hard after everything else we had already done, I realized I was one of 'those' women that I had laughed at when I was a kid.  Full circle, baby.
I FINALLY finished the 2nd bookcase - yay!! Here is the before of the other one I did a while back..the one I just finished looked the same only a bit smaller:


It's really hard to tell but the back of the bookcase is Crown Point Sand by Benjamin Moore (the same color as my bedroom). The contrast isn't showing up very well.

I thought about building out the bottom for this but decided not to..I think a basket looks cute at the bottom. If it were bigger, I would have.  I built a bottom for this hutch and turned it into a bookcase years ago.

One more thing, I walked outside this morning to this:

I just LOVE my little flower's nothing major but the smell of the gardenia bushes blooming smacks you in the face when you walk outside...I don't mind that kind of smack to the face!

I'm linking to Metamorphosis Monday at BNOTP.  Have a good week!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

That was a bit of a bust...

I tell ya..I'm still getting over our Southern California Blow Out vacation.  I guess the time change coupled with us walking around parks & playing for at least 7 hours each day just did us in, but it was totally worth it.  Speaking of (and I'm going to be tacky here for a minute), I couldn't believe what these girls were wearing around Universal Studios....check out their shoes!

Just a sensible summer sandal...which totally explains why the one on the left was clutching the handrail for support.  I see bunions in their future...bless their hearts.

Anyway, here is the bookcase that I was supposed to reveal yesterday..

As you can see, I'm not finished.  It's covered with glaze that I have to wipe off.  I have a pretty cool system with wipe on poly & stain that leaves a hard finish and just the right amount of age on it. I'm going to do that step tomorrow.

Here are the shelves that I still need to glaze and install.

I'm trying to snap out of it and get some stuff done, but it's hard because mentally I'm still here:

I did manage to go to HFH and the grocery store today.  I had some pretty decent sushi while the fellas were at the was nice to have a little time to myself today. Here are the ReStore finds:

I bought a glazed terracotta pot, glass vase and old books.  I also found a glass cake stand with dome and a marble based cheese dome (so pretty). I gave those two things to Mom.

When I popped in at Mom's to drop off what I picked up for her, she hooked me up with some magazines.  I LOVE going through magazines almost as much as blogs.

Lastly, I finally found the red spray paint I bought for this desk lamp.  My son's room is red, white & blue with some black accents. I'm having a time getting the bed covering right...he has a great quilt on his bed now but it's just not getting it for me, style wise.  So I'm being patient with that and know I'll find it eventually..until then, I'm working on the school lockers (painting them white) & this desk lamp for his room.

The lamp is metal.  The paint is for plastic but I really liked this color & I really, REALLY liked the no sanding or priming part.

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with finished projects...if I can get out of my own way, that is.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm back!

   I love LOVE traveling but nothing beats coming home!

And I'm pretty sure I have the best Mom ever...She

us to the

While we were gone this past week, she watered my

and she fed & loved on my

Then she 

us home from the 

And had 

waiting for us because she knew we would be 

She is AWESOME and 

We had a great time visiting my brother. I am truly thankful that my best friends are my family.  They are gracious and I love them very much.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer too!   I want to say thank you for everyone who has signed up to follow and to everyone who reads my blog.  I enjoy what I do here and you all make it fun.  Thank you!  Can't wait to catch up on all the blogs & I'm posting another sheet music bookcase Friday.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Can you guess where I'm going?

(apologies to the Mamas & Papas - this is the Beach Boys version)

Although I will miss the bloggery, I must say that I am SO looking forward to squishing my toes in the sand, wearing mouse ears, rollercoasters, the ocean at night, cookouts, a little sunburn, no work, sleeping late, staying up late, good food, good wine & good company!  

I'll get back to business upon my return and I mean that literally, it's getting serious with our furniture...I need to get my area ready for work, a business license & cards!  We're building a painting room & a new bench for the workshop (a big one) as soon as we get back..very exciting!

So, you guys hold down the fort and I'll bring you back something cool...we'll see what I can fit in my suitcase!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Garage Sale Finds!

I had a real craptastic week at work but this made up for it!  I went to my mom's today to help her with a few projects...she finally decided to paint this cute corner hutch in her kitchen and we were going to get a french door ready to install in her pantry. 

Anyway, on the way to Mom's house I found a garage sale, so I picked her up & we hit it. Two sisters who were also antique dealers were downsizing.  They had some really nice things there but I was looking more for projects.  Mom picked up something that I would LOVE to show you, but it's a gift and I can't post it's one of the really nice things and it is going to a certain someone with a birthday coming up.

Here's what I picked up:

A large metal candlestick, enamel lid, 3 corner shelves, beaded evening bag, creamer, wooden kitchen utensils in stainless steel container.  Total cost $18.

Flashback - while driving back from my sisters a few weeks ago, we stopped at an antique shop called The White Elephant in Mentone. That had these out back in their garden:
Birdbaths made from enamel lids/bowls and branches. Now I don't care for the little signs under them but I loved the concept.  

Here is my version:



I painted the candlestick and popped the lid on top and voila - a birdbath! That's my butterfly bush behind it and it's between 2 dwarf alberta spruce.  I'm going to add a bird feeder.  This is right outside my kitties' room and I'm hoping it will keep them entertained. 

We need to cut that grass (and by we, I mean Brian).

I love the enamel's all dinged up - just perfect!  

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend..get some rest!

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Smooth move..

 I already wrote about Saturday's trip to Ikea..that was fun. Sunday wasn't supposed to be anything too exciting..just a little yard work after church.

Not when you are married to my sweet husband..

He thought he heard something while he was mowing...turns out he heard a rock fly through our storm door.  Smooth move, big guy.  

 It was a big old fat mess.  

Truth be told, I'm more than ok with this because now I can get a new door. I've never liked the color of this was here when we bought the I can go pick out my own. Woohoo!

Well, it's time for me to get up from in front of this computer and go clean the kitchen...don't be jealous now.

Talk to you soon!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I was IKEA'd today...and I still managed to finish a little something...

Today was my first experience at Atlanta's, I'm exhausted!  I seriously think we looked at that store.  I went with my mom & Brian...I can have fun at a funeral with these two, so it was pretty awesome.

Mom is looking to remodel her kitchen and we're interested in remodeling Brian's bathroom and maybe picking up a few pieces of furniture. Lots to see, lots to see.

So here's one of my partner's in crime. She's like this all the time...smiling & laughing (until she gets hot or tired..then just forget it.)

They had SO many gorgeous kitchens. 

We like apron sinks and these butcher block countertops were pretty nice.

 Here's Brian hamming it up in a super cool kitchen...all black with amazing storage.

We had a delicious lunch. I can't believe how good the food was!  I had the salmon with dill & got a few bites of the famous swedish meatballs - yummmm. I saved WW points so this was all NO guilt!

By the time we got home we were pooped! Only then did we realize that this weekend is the Dixie Highway Flea Market!! Good grief...we have to get some yard work done this weekend, but I also want to go treasure hunting..hmm, we'll just have to see...

 Ok, one last thing here. If you don't know or haven't noticed yet, I LOVE OLD WINDOWS...they are scattered throughout my house and I have a nice collection of more in one of my outbuildings just waiting for me.  I am working on finishing a pair like this but one is finished now... 

These aren't the best pictures ( I took them at night with the flash). 

Anyway, I painted names of wineries & regions in France on it, sanded and hand-rubbed clear wax on for a little sheen.  I have a bulletin board made of wine corks over my desk and I copied names from my cork board. I'm finishing the other one tomorrow.

I'm linking to SNS at Funky Junk Interiors - hop on over and see what's new!

Talk to you soon!

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