Saturday, June 5, 2010

I was IKEA'd today...and I still managed to finish a little something...

Today was my first experience at Atlanta's, I'm exhausted!  I seriously think we looked at that store.  I went with my mom & Brian...I can have fun at a funeral with these two, so it was pretty awesome.

Mom is looking to remodel her kitchen and we're interested in remodeling Brian's bathroom and maybe picking up a few pieces of furniture. Lots to see, lots to see.

So here's one of my partner's in crime. She's like this all the time...smiling & laughing (until she gets hot or tired..then just forget it.)

They had SO many gorgeous kitchens. 

We like apron sinks and these butcher block countertops were pretty nice.

 Here's Brian hamming it up in a super cool kitchen...all black with amazing storage.

We had a delicious lunch. I can't believe how good the food was!  I had the salmon with dill & got a few bites of the famous swedish meatballs - yummmm. I saved WW points so this was all NO guilt!

By the time we got home we were pooped! Only then did we realize that this weekend is the Dixie Highway Flea Market!! Good grief...we have to get some yard work done this weekend, but I also want to go treasure hunting..hmm, we'll just have to see...

 Ok, one last thing here. If you don't know or haven't noticed yet, I LOVE OLD WINDOWS...they are scattered throughout my house and I have a nice collection of more in one of my outbuildings just waiting for me.  I am working on finishing a pair like this but one is finished now... 

These aren't the best pictures ( I took them at night with the flash). 

Anyway, I painted names of wineries & regions in France on it, sanded and hand-rubbed clear wax on for a little sheen.  I have a bulletin board made of wine corks over my desk and I copied names from my cork board. I'm finishing the other one tomorrow.

I'm linking to SNS at Funky Junk Interiors - hop on over and see what's new!

Talk to you soon!


  1. We have an Ikea here in Orlando and I have yet to finish the whole store...It is amazing, but you have to schedule it around a meal time! It would be cheaper to eat there instead of buying groceries. I love the window frames. I did a blog a while back on a window I transformed into a cup and plate holder and put a shelf at the bottom. Thanks for stopping in, I am going to follow you so I don't miss anything.


  2. oooh! ikea already! isn't it divine? I will always think of 500 days of summer now- you saw it right?- " honey, i have something to tell you...there's a chinese family in our bathroom." that butcher-block kitchen was one of my favorties. and thats the exact meal i had! isnt that broccoli amazing? well sounds like a fun day, and we'll have to plan some fun things for when me and delaney come up again. Maybe we can all go to ikea b/c it was a little overwhelming for me..i couldn't navigate it- it's like trying to drive a van in Italy! ohoho "ahh rome ehs nice."

  3. That Shanley-posting as moi again!

    I love, love , LOVE the window! Really, now I want to get another window and do the same thing! You give me idea envy... It looks like you guys had a great time at Ikea, I can't wait to go with vous.


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