Saturday, June 26, 2010

That was a bit of a bust...

I tell ya..I'm still getting over our Southern California Blow Out vacation.  I guess the time change coupled with us walking around parks & playing for at least 7 hours each day just did us in, but it was totally worth it.  Speaking of (and I'm going to be tacky here for a minute), I couldn't believe what these girls were wearing around Universal Studios....check out their shoes!

Just a sensible summer sandal...which totally explains why the one on the left was clutching the handrail for support.  I see bunions in their future...bless their hearts.

Anyway, here is the bookcase that I was supposed to reveal yesterday..

As you can see, I'm not finished.  It's covered with glaze that I have to wipe off.  I have a pretty cool system with wipe on poly & stain that leaves a hard finish and just the right amount of age on it. I'm going to do that step tomorrow.

Here are the shelves that I still need to glaze and install.

I'm trying to snap out of it and get some stuff done, but it's hard because mentally I'm still here:

I did manage to go to HFH and the grocery store today.  I had some pretty decent sushi while the fellas were at the was nice to have a little time to myself today. Here are the ReStore finds:

I bought a glazed terracotta pot, glass vase and old books.  I also found a glass cake stand with dome and a marble based cheese dome (so pretty). I gave those two things to Mom.

When I popped in at Mom's to drop off what I picked up for her, she hooked me up with some magazines.  I LOVE going through magazines almost as much as blogs.

Lastly, I finally found the red spray paint I bought for this desk lamp.  My son's room is red, white & blue with some black accents. I'm having a time getting the bed covering right...he has a great quilt on his bed now but it's just not getting it for me, style wise.  So I'm being patient with that and know I'll find it eventually..until then, I'm working on the school lockers (painting them white) & this desk lamp for his room.

The lamp is metal.  The paint is for plastic but I really liked this color & I really, REALLY liked the no sanding or priming part.

I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with finished projects...if I can get out of my own way, that is.


  1. OK I am guessing the girls in sensible summer sandals were also looking for a good time at universal studios. I love the sheet music for shelf covering. You will have to let us no your system for the wipe on poly and stain!


  2. Looking forward to seeing our completed work. Thanks for my laugh today...the sensible tourist shoes :0)

  3. I can't believe you don't have a funny monkey picture from San Diego Zoo to post!

    Great job on cabinet - it is just perfect. It is going to be hard to cover up those pretty shelves.

    Part of the fun of a vacation is being so happy to be back home!


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