Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making progress....

I started Fit Camp at my gym yesterday..at 530am..yes, a.m., I was up before the roosters! It kicked me square in the teeth..and that was just the assessment! I was told by other women who were veterans that it's brutal. Great - I'll just add that to the mix of what wears me out! But, you know, I'm happy because I'm doing what I really enjoy. I have had enough peaks and valleys in my life to recognize the good times and I'm in them right now. Praise the Lord!

To the task at hand, here are a couple of snapshots of my dining room as of 10 minutes ago...there is a pile of crown molding for the bedroom that will go up this evening....

There's my bestie, the vacuum cleaner..I have affectionately named the Terminator.

A before shot of my dresser...you can see all the paint swatches on it..it took a little time to figure out how I wanted to paint this furniture. It's a rainy day here so no sunshine to brighten my rooms..or this picture.

Here is a peek of the finished chest of drawers.

Yes, I have picked up MORE projects to stuff in this house!

I bought this door for $20..I love the knob & old fixture. It's about 9' tall..I don't know what I'm going to do with it. I'm thinking sofa table, maybe? I need to take a trip to Ikea for table legs.

There is a family in my town that are antique dealers and they have yard sales pretty often. I try to go every time because they ALWAYS have fabulous stuff. I picked up these school lockers for $25. I'm thinking these will go in my son's room. His room is coming along but I need to do alot of painting and Brian will do some building to give it a customized look. I thought these would look cool painted red.

Last but not least, a vintage tool box on casters. This would look good in a kitchen but we'll probably use it for tools...how boring.

Ok, that's me & my day. Hopefully, the bedroom will be finished in time for a Friday reveal...I am definitely working toward that goal! Have a good Tuesday everyone!


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