Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's to come...

Just popping my head out of a can of paint to say hi. I'm just past the "what have I done" stage in redecorating my bedroom. I have painter's actually hurts to hold a paint brush or roller..I'm just pushing through the pain! This has to be finished before next week because it's going to get busy for me at work and I can't goof around.

The walls are painted and ready for the new window molding & crown molding. I have to paint baseboards & install the quarter round. We've reupholstered the headboard, repainted the bedside tables, a side table, I made a curtain for the closet, touched up the ceiling and gave my hopechest a facelift. I still have to paint the dresser and chest of drawers or chester drawers (depending on where you're from).

Here's a peek at where we are....

And we're still happily married
All is well!


  1. I want MORE!!!! You are just teasing me! I guess your hand is cramping too much to blog, blog, blog-ahhhh, there's the rub... I can't wait to see more, just get a good night's sleep in it for now.

  2. It's looking good. I can relate to painter's hand. I have been refinishing a very neglected coffee table that I rescued from my Mom's trash. It was stored outside for at least six months and is about 30 years old. Can you imagine the grime? It took me HOURS to sand it down and my electric sander would not work, so I had to strip and sand by hand, then start painting. For some reason, I decided I wanted a harlequin pattern on the top because it will be in my black and white guest BR. My entire body hurts after spending 8 hours on it over the past few days. I have squatted, bent, stood on my head (ok, not true) and just about everything else to paint this table. I hope I like it. I have a post with some half completed pics on my blog, check it out and let me know what you think. Good luck with the painting!!

  3. oh my gosh! I'm tired just reading about it! and... you even had time to visit my blog and leave a comment about my console table redo thingy! Thanks!
    have a great (productive) weekend.


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