Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Day!

Today is a special anniversary for me and my husband.  We met exactly 6 years every July 14 we try to do something just a little special..nothing major, but something nice.  Usually we go to the restaurant where we had our 1st date.  It's a very charming place off a very cute square in a nearby town.

Well, this year I pulled out ALL the stops for Brian.  Do you want to see what I gave him for our special day?? 

A destroyed hallway that needs to be put back together!!!  JUST what he wanted...

  While he's doing the trim & molding...I'll be painting these frames (all for $25 at ReStore)..

and finish taping then paint the hall door..

He's VERY understanding of my wonky of the many, many reasons I adore him!

I'll leave you with some Norah Jones and one of our favorite songs.....


  1. looking good, can't wait to see the reveal. congrats on the happy day! don't forget i need your guest post by tomorrow. thanks, have a great one!

  2. Happy (belated) Anniversary!
    We definitely picked men who are keepers :)
    Have fun with the project!


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