Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hallway & Some Befores

For pete's sake!  It's been a MONTH since I've been on here!  I feel like the page creaked when it loaded just now.  When I have to choose between family, work, my sanity or blogging...blogging gets kicked to the curb.

While my job can be demanding at times, I work with some pretty awesome people.  In fact, my hilarious friend & coworker, Leslie, sent me this card.  I got it in the mail today and LAUGHED my head off....

 The inside reads, "A bad day is all about perspective."
Classic.  She's the best & I don't know what I would do without her!

So let me show you the hallway.  We finished it a few weeks ago and I'm pretty happy with the new look.


I had already taken down pictures and started patching the walls.


Ta-da!!!  Yes, it's a white hallway.  Seriously, though this was A LOT of work.  Brian installed all new trim, added crown molding and then I caulked & painted everything.  The devil is in the details and he whipped me on this one, but it was totally worth it!  
 Here it is at night with the light dimmed.....looooove it! 
Here's a view from the back of the hall. I have some blank frames hanging while I work out which pictures go where.  This will also motivate me to get enlargements finally made of vacation pictures.  I'm the worst about getting that kind of stuff done.

What I really like is that I can easily add more pictures and go bananas with frames from ceiling to floor, and it will totally work with my look here.

 Other side.

We used the slip-on corner pieces and I love how easy they are to install (or I should say Brian loved how easy they were to install.)

I flipped the attic cover and found this grooved wood.   Love it!

And yet, another angle.  It feels more open and brighter now. 

Before I run, let me show you really quick what I have going on for the next few days (and next couple of years)...

 I have this chest painted and will be putting the finishing touches on it sometime this weekend.  This one is going up for sale.

 I'm sanding the top of this coffee table and will stain it, then paint the legs. It's a nice solid piece.   

This is what's going to take a few backyard rehab...

We had 2 Bradford Pear trees removed last week.  It's always hard for me to pull the trigger on trees but it had to be done.  (Bradford Pears are brittle and will split in half and make a mess.)  We have a lot of work to do but this was a good start.  Now that we're getting some good sun back here, we're going to relocate and expand our garden for next year.   

And I'm working on this..

  When the guys cut the trees down, they trashed my trumpet vine.  Not a big deal - it needed to be pruned anyway.  A little TLC and some paint and this will be ready to enjoy when the weather cools down some. 

Mom says that as long as you own a home you will never be finished.  And you know what? She's right!  Thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon!

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  1. Hey! I am not back on my blog yet, but I wanted to see what I missed that you have been up to in my absence. The hallway is AMAZING!!! I am so glad that I didn't miss the reveal. When you originally posted the 'before' I was so excited to see the end product. I cannot believe what a huge difference. Before, the wood floors went unnoticed. Now, they glow! I can't imagine the work....just covering up that dark color was a bear I am sure. Looks great Jen. Really...just awesome. and.....where are all the people who should have commented on this post??? What's up with people. THIS is a great transformation!!!

  2. Love the hallway re-do! Amazing transformation.

    I know what you mean about trees. We're in the process of thinning out trees my in-laws planted 50 years ago at their place in the country, so the poor pitiful lawn might actually see a little sunshine. The trees we're taking out were/are diseased and/or leaning toward the house (scary!) so it's necessary -- but still painful.

    Lots of work but what a pay-off when you're done with the yard! Just try to enjoy the journey :) I know, I know, back breaking labor will be involved, but approach the yard like you would eat an elephant -- one bite at a time :)


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