Wednesday, January 27, 2010

ello-hay ere-thay

We moved into our '68 ranch in 2006. I fell in love with this house the first time I stepped foot in it. There are alot of things I could rattle off that are 'wrong' with my neighborhood & my house..neither are anywhere near perfect, but I walked in and just got this feeling. I knew this was it. Brian knew it too and here we are. I love it more now that we have made it our own..we have big plans and I thought it would be fun to track our progress.

What we also like to do is rehab/repurpose furniture. We have our own business, Spring House Furniture & finds (we live on Spring Street).  I hit Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, Salvation Army, thrift stores & flea markets regularly. I have picked up great pieces off the, as Julie says, we're not above ditch diving! BLT is an excellent carpenter. He's very methodical & exact (something that I am sorely lacking). He uses things like a measuring tape & level, whereas I just eyeball it and make 20 nail holes in the wall until it's where I want it. He won't let me use my shoe as a hammer or the end of a butter knife as a screw driver anymore either - I guess it's grow up time.

I've been working on little things this week..I painted the arms & legs of a Martha Washington chair that I keep in a spare bedroom (the pink room that has turned into my giant closet -woohoo!). We're redecorating our bedroom - I have all of the linens and now it's time to paint, paint, paint.


  1. This is all so loverly!! I'm requesting a few ecclectic pieces for my place. One thing I don't want it to look like is TeenQueenScene. Like, we will have no hot pink polka dot decor. Your look is right up my alley!


  2. Oh yeah, of course I'm not asking as gifts either. As a working woman, I will be happy to be a paying customer. HaHa :)

  3. You KNOW I will totally hook you up! Just tell me what you like or send me pics of what you are shooting for. I'm redoing my bedroom all cream & white and that's TOTALLY different from what I usually do..I'm in that mode lately. I'm going to be making some posts on that soon.


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