Monday, February 1, 2010

Could. you. just. DIE!?!?!?!!?!!

I went by one of my favorite haunts on a lark today..just run in and run out kinda thing..thinking, "there probably won't be anything because I was just here the other day, but just in case.." Checked out the front..nothing. Went on to chachke room..nothing, lamps..nothing, doors/windows/shutters/everything & the kitchen sink room...BINGO!

I found this! Helloo Gorgeous!

Cubbyholes from a school!!! 20 of them to be exact!!

I don't know where this school was - those are some funky names..whatever, it's mine now. My buddy who works up there (I'm up there so much we're friends now) told me she just put it on the floor, so timing was on my side today.

Guess what fits perfectly in the cubbies?

BINGO, yet again! You can easily stack 5 bottles in each cubby. It is solid wood and pretty heavy. We're going to remove the peg board back (it's pretty gross) and obviously paint it. I'm thinking of mounting it to the wall in the dining room (and by that, I mean BLT will be mounting it to the wall in the dining room). Days like this are why I junk! You NEVER know what you'll find!
I also found this sign at HobLob today. I don't usually go for all of their signage but I really liked this one...what do you think?

It didn't take me long to find somewhere to put it. I had a couple of shutters mounted and I was waiting for the right thing to put on the other one...I think this works. The other one has the pretty trays from Lucinda's (shout out!) on it.

This is in the breakfast area of my kitchen. As you can see, I like color...sometimes to my detriment.

Smell ya later!


  1. I saw those cubbies and IMMEDIATELY thought "Craft Center" for my house! I hate you already have thought of a use for it!!! :) haha! I really need to go junk diving with you. :)

  2. this is beautifull!! i especially love the arrangement as a whole :))

  3. Wow!! I love it! You are one smoooooth sister! I can't wait to see what you do with it. What color do you think you'll paint it? Oh, I do L I K E the sign...

  4. Leslie I thought of that but we have wine bottles all over the kitchen..on our way to being winos we'd like to be organized! Babs - thanks girl & I know who you are! You're the other smooth sister - on the see live, love,laugh ALL the time..but what if we just 'like', isn't that ok? The other stuff is too exhausting!

  5. What are those kids doing with wine at school??

  6. OMG!! I ADORE those cubbies!! We're you absolutley DYING when you saw that? Great use for it. Love wine too!! We were meant to find eachother!


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