Monday, February 15, 2010

Found a new place!!

Isn't that so exciting when you find a NEW place?! This is a thrift store that opened recently and since I had the day off (which was a surprise company holiday!) I decided to check it out and I found some cool stuff.

Yellow wire basket & cream pitcher...can always find a place for these.

Geez - can't believe I found this beauty...big old black candlestick. I don't have to do a thing to it..that's rare!

And all of these - It was like putting pieces of a puzzle together because they had the lids in one area and the jars in another. I found 2 that were cloche-ish for $0.99 each (my sister called dibs on one of those already)! In fact, all of these were like .29 to .99 each.

Their new home is going to be my newly redesigned guest bathroom. I'm putting the finishing touches on it this next week but here's a little peek...

I decided Friday afternoon I was going to give my guest bathroom a facelift. So far, I've spent $55 plus the jars today and it's a whole new look and it only took two days of bust your butt work...not too bad! This will definitely keep me happy until we're ready to remodel it.

Now while I was working on the bathroom, BLT put beadboard up in the kitchen for our new backsplash and he's putting the back on the cubbies this week. I'll have those before & afters towards the end of the week.

I was going to cross post some of this stuff but right now that seems really hard to me. I'm tired and I'm ready to get some of these things finished and ENJOY THEM!!


  1. Hey, allllright! The next time I come over, you have to take me to your new place and I'll take you to mine here! I love the cloche(s) and the jars you found, you know what you're doing, gurl.

  2. So Jenn, my mom wants to know where this thrift store is. :-)

    I cracked up when I saw your cloche's as mom has been building her cloche collection too.


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