Monday, February 8, 2010


I actually started FOUR projects at ONCE! The living room was wrecked all weekend. I've finally got it put back together. A lot of small projects are done & I'm really close to finishing those cubbies - I still have black paint on my hands!

This one has been a monkey on my back for over a year - not anymore..FIN!!!

I picked up this menu board antiquing with my Mom and it has sat for a long time until I knew what I wanted to do with it. My sister has a chalkboard in her kitchen made from an old picture frame. It's totally cute & so I copied it!

This is what I started with...

I stockpile wood picture frames. You can do so much with them. The secret to making chalkboards is that you MUST prime before you paint. It makes it easier to erase - trust me on this one. After priming, apply 2 coats of chalkboard paint, let it dry & you're ready to go!

BLT really is making shrimp chowda tonight (you have to say it in your best New England accent)! MMMmmmmm.......

I aged the picture frame (here's how I did that: painted it black, let that dry, then used a votive candle & rubbed where I wanted it to show wear, then painted it white, let that dry, then sanded where I rubbed the wax) and nailed it to the board. You can't tell in the picture but the chalk fits perfectly on the inside of the bottom of the frame. You can also attach a small piece of molding to act as a chalk tray.

Another idea is to do this right on your wall. Trace the frame you want to use on the wall and then follow the's an easy change later because it's just paint. So go make a chalkboard!


  1. Oh, wow, that looks great!! WHERE did you find the menu board?! That is a find... I can't wait to see it in your kitchen! Love you!


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