Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitties & my lucky number

(I started this on Tuesday but putting it up on Thursday. I don't know how to change the publishing date or if you can...)

Please be patient with me on this post:

I have 6 kitties of my own. BLT had 2 and I had 3 when we married and then one of ours passed away last year and we adopted 2 more. They all have kooky little personalities and hang ups. They are much loved and overfed, so we're doing our job.

I have been involved with animal rescue for years..I've been picking up strays since I was a kid. I bought a feeder mouse for .99 when I was about 7 years old and kept it as a pet..that didn't go over well. I brought my mom a rabbit that was attacked by a cat with it's tummy hanging out and handed it to her..saying, "Fix it. You're the mom..make it live." When I started driving I would get dogs out of the shelter and tell my parents I found it on the side of the road..I was baaaad when it came to animals.

I still have that need to save..I can't stand the thought of knowing an unwanted animal is in a stainless steel cage and may lose it's life by no fault of its own. Which brings me to my point..I'm fostering for Floyd County Humane Society..it's a rural area and they don't get much traffic in their shelter and the Humane Society isn't big at all. My cats have their own part of the house they live in and the fosters will live in the laundry room for a while until they are ready to go to their forever home. That little laundry room has been the nursery to many, many kittens. If you've ever thought about fostering a pet, I encourage you to pursue it. It's a wonderful way to teach children about being responsible & good stewards of all animals. There are so many in need and anything you could do would be a big help. It is the best feeling to see them thrive and go to their new home!

Here's a little project that I cranked out last week and I like the way it looks..

I bought these at Hobby Lobby. I love stuff like this..stars, eggs, numbers, letters..

I painted them chocolate brown and then waxed them and basically treated this cardboard like wood. It took it pretty well!

After a coat of white paint and light sanding I got this!

These are part of my cubbyhole makeover that I'm going to post Friday. I like projects like this...inexpensive, doesn't take too long and you don't tear your house up doing it!

Have a happy Thursday!

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