Thursday, October 7, 2010

Valet for the Pink Room & Recent Finds

My mom totally surprised me the other day and brought over something I grew up looking at:

My dad used this valet daily. Change, wallet, keys on top...this was also where he kept his belts.  The belts that I had to choose from when I royally messed up.  Yep, I was spanked as a kid  - my brother & sister were spanked too.  I know people freak out about it now, but I believe it was a necessary tool in my parents arsenal when it came to me & my brother.  My sister, not so much - she was usually framed and I'm still apologizing for some of my stunts.  But I digress....he also kept his shoe polish kit underneath.  Of course, it looked a whole lot different then.  Mom put a lot of work into this & totally refurbished it for me. She had to take it apart to slipcover the back and seat & painted it.  She did a great job - I love you, Mom!

  I love that it offers a hanger, tray & a seat!!  Of course, I have my stuff all over it but it's there if you really wanted to use it.

This got bumped out of the corner and it's now floating under the window.  I'll have to find a new place for it..good luck with that!

Here are a couple of recent finds:

I picked up these at Habitat for Humanity.  I like using old serving vessels for my jewelry. 

I've got to share this...a birthday card my sister gave me a few years ago that still makes me laugh..



  1. What a wonderful redo! Your mom done good! :)

  2. Hooted with laughter when I enlarged the photo of the card and read it :)

    Love the valet chair -- what a sweet mama you have!

  3. I love the valet, I have an antiques booth and have recently started picking up valets at the thrift stores, painting them white, and selling them. Bring back the valets...They are so useful!


  4. Mom did do a great job on the valet! It looks completely different! I guess your apple didn't fall far from THAT tree! That card was a good one...


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