Friday, June 24, 2011

How to age over night..and an armoire...

Intrigued on how to feel like you are 80 years old in the blink of an eye? Well, I won't leave you hanging in suspense...throw your back out. That'll do it! You can go from being an optimistic, active "go-getter" to being a flat out mess (not even a hot mess) unable to sit, stand or lay down without feeling like there's a hot axe in your back put there by the devil himself. That has been me off and on for the past week.

After carefully retracing my steps, I believe I figured out where I went wrong. It has something to do with this thing...

and thinking that I can move mountains (and monster furniture) by myself just because I own one. 

I am on the mend now and I've learned my lesson.  I've said this over and again, but I have to give Brian props for being the best husband.  I know, without a doubt, that he'll be there to wipe the drool off my chin when we're old and he won't even think I'm gross. *sigh*

Enough about my shenanigans, I finished the armoire that I mentioned in this post

Here it is newly painted and at home in the den.

I used some leftover chalk paint I had.  Since it dries out kinda fast, I  didn't want to waste any of that precious gold.  I used the ceiling paint color (a light gray) to add some details.

Ceramic knobs from Hobby Lobby.

This piece was simple but it also had a few very pretty little details.

 It tiered up on the top and I took advantage of all of those lines.

I don't rush trying to put together a vignette.  I kinda let it evolve; they just seem to turn out better for me that way.  The picture on the left was given to me by my Mom from her trip to Spain, she also gave me that fabulous old typewriter. It's the sentimental stuff I love most of all. I drew the flowers on the right myself.  

Here's a little closer look.  I drew this at work one day.  I doodle a lot and I guess it pays off sometimes.  Instant art!  Guess what my inspiration was?  My's a souvenir that my brother gave me with beautiful flowers on it.  I think I've stared at that mousepad for so long those flowers are burned in my psyche (I work some long hours at times).

Lastly, I added more of my accent color with old books. 

One more thing, I want to thank Stephanie Lynn at Under The Table & Dreaming for featuring my armoire!  She graciously hosts a fabulous linky party every Sunday.

Ok, well, since my glass of wine isn't going to drink itself on this rainy Friday night, I'm going to take off now. I hope you all enjoy the weekend and thank you so much for coming by. 

Hugs to you - 


  1. As always....enjoy your posts. Terrible about your back. I did that one Thanksgiving a few years back. Totally debilitating. Ugg. Just thinking about it..... Continued healing to you.

  2. Goodness Jen! You must ask for help occasionally! Love the lines of the piece, beautiful work!

  3. What a difference some paint makes on a piece of furniture! This turned out so pretty. You did a great job on the distressing too!
    The vignette looks very nice.


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