Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reworked it til I LOVED it!!

Part of the upside of not posting is that your projects pile up and there's plenty to talk about!  Before I get into the furniture part let me just tell you that  I have one hour to color my hair, dress and be ready to walk out the door.  We're going to my sister's in AL where we are celebrating my brother-in-law's retirement from the Army.  So, of course after spotty blogging for over a month, I feel the need to get this post up under a time crunch.  I should put my color on THEN do this...brb.  Now I'm sitting here looking like I have a massive head wound with my wet burgundy colored head. Lovely.

So in this post I talked about the armoire..and how I was going to use it and how I painted this design on it.  Like some other projects I've done, I didn't like this and the more I looked at it the more I wanted to change it.  I mean if you don't LOVE it then why have it?  SO, I got out my ever faithful Mod Podge and my favorite postcards and sheet music covers and!

Now I'm like this:

Stick a fork in it..I'm done!

Here's the new look. It's very graphic and perfect for this room.

It reminds of an old suitcase with stickers all over it.

Here's a little breakdown..

 These are the little Dutch postcards I picked up at an estate sale last year.  I still have plenty left and I will appreciate them a lot more now that I will see them every time I come in or go out the front door.  

 I've said this before, using chalk paint is a messy business if you can't do it outside but it distresses beautifully.

 I love all the different fonts, colors and pictures!  

Little pink house on Shady Lane.

Time to wash this crud outta my hair, so I gotta go but let me show you two more things really quick.

This is the new accent color for the den. I totally changed my mind from the blue. It didn't give enough of a punch.  I covered a lampshade and made pillows with it. I'll show you guys that when I get back.

The other thing...

I bought this off Craigslist a couple of weeks ago.  It's repainted and in place with stuff crammed in it already.  I'll show that too when I get back.

Hugs to y'all and have a good weekend!

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  1. Adorable! What a statement that you want to stand in front of and really examine! Now go wash out your haircolor! lol Safe travels to Alabama. Get back here more often. Miss your honest humor!:)

  2. Hope your hair turned out as well as your armoire! Now everyone will enjoy those cute little post cards



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