Monday, May 31, 2010

Jewelry Organizer for the Grad!

I followed up my heckuva week with a fabulous weekend. The graduation party was FUN and I think we all needed that. I wish my brother could have made it..upside is - we'll be seeing him next month.

So here is what I gave Shanley for her to use as a jewelry organizer in her new life as a college student:

This is a cabinet door with hardware cloth attached on the back. I hung some of my bling on it to get an idea of where to put the hooks.

I painted swirls in the corners with gold paint and used small 'S' hooks to hang the jewelry. I used Martha Stewart's Ballet Slipper, then sanded and rubbed dark stain on it. On this piece, because she would be moving with it, I followed up with a coat of satin poly spray.

I love the hinges!

I bent the hooks slightly with pliers, so they wouldn't come off easily. Earrings can just hang right from the wire.

I love the keyhole!

Here's the back..just bent nails to hold the HW cloth in securely. Oh and one thing about HW cloth and chicken wire..they are the devil to work with - I UP! I had so many cuts along with scuffed up knuckles - I guess gloves are in order the next time I work with this stuff!

I didn't get a picture of it before the pink paint but it was just a wooden door.

I took the glass out and added wire to the back. That way, she can hang it on its own or lean it against the wall.

She liked it (thank goodness) and I think we ended her high school career with a bang! I am putting together a post of the party..the theme was birds & nests, it was outdoors and lights were was sooo pretty. At the end of the night, we all had a glass of wine under the twinkle was magical.

I'm linking to Trash to Treasure Tuesday at Reinvented..c'mon over and see what's new!

Thank you for coming by!

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