Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Take this with you...

My niece is graduating high school in a few weeks and moving onto college, Auburn University to be exact. We're proud of her and she's worked very hard to get where she is (so have her Mom & Dad!) She is grounded in her faith and a clever little cookie...

So to you, my dear (and all of your friends), I offer these words of wisdom as you strike out to start living as an adult in this world. While I believe in cutting corners where you can..you must know that some things are not worth the savings.

Brian and I have had conversations about what you don't cheap out on and we have come up with THREE essentials:

1. Sheets..This is something that took me a while to realize. Go to Ross, TJMaxx, Marshalls, etc. and get a high threadcount and by high I mean no less than 400. I used to get the lower threadcounts and my mom wised me up FAST! You will be so glad you spent the money when you are wrapped in soft, comfy sheets instead of the kind that feel like sandpaper...I think the 250 means how many times you have to wash them for them to soften up and by that time there's holes in them.

2. Toilet paper...this is a no brainer. I know in college you count every penny and want to make sure you have plenty left to go out with friends and tear the town up BUT this is not where you squeeze the budget.

3. Aluminum Foil..this may be a surprise to some of you but Brian swears by the 'good' foil..heavy duty Reynold's Wrap. PERIOD. Once you've tried to clean a casserole dish with burnt whatever on it and end up throwing it in the trashcan you'll see what I mean about foil.

Does anyone have anything to add to the list?


  1. I LOVE YOU! :) I will be sure to take this with me in life along with any other advice your wise, clevah self cares to offah. I can't wait for the ladies weekend to ikea, and ya'll will all come and help us decorate...and we can watch steel magnolias and eat key lime pir ice cream! :)

  2. 1.) Laundry detergent/stain remover - the expensive stuff is STILL WAY cheaper than new clothes.
    2.) Hair products - my hair is out of control enough. I don't need to add bad product to the mix.
    3.) STEAK - People who buy the steak that's more fat than meat and then marinade it in Italian dressing - VOMIT - WISE UP!!! Either buy the good stuff or stick to chicken!

  3. I love your house! I love your yard! I love your family! I love everything about you! Just imagine the little blond girl dancing around your house!

    Ikea here we come! All we need is the ice cream and Steel Magnolias.
    You are so clevah if I do say so myself. I wish everyone could take a tour through your house - you need to take pictures of all your vignettes (French word meaning small - like a vine).

    Hamburger - if you're buying hamburger - get the good stuff.
    I'm just saying....


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