Sunday, July 18, 2010

Holy Moly!!

I just had to show mom went to a farmer's market yesterday and brought these over for me.

That's a dinosaur egg cantaloupe & 2 gigantic zucchinis.  Since Mom has an awesomeness problem, she also gave me a copy of the new Living magazine.

Ok, well, I have to's Sunday and I'm getting fussed at for being on the computer....


  1. Mom truly does have an awesomeness problem but I don't want to get her help for it since we're the ones who benefit...

  2. We need to learn to live with her condition.

  3. Your mom IS awesome for sharing her finds with you! The magazine is the best!

  4. What a sweet mother you have!
    And I love how you call your makeover project the snowball, I now exactly what you mean!!


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