Thursday, July 1, 2010

Laundry Room

Ahhhh, the Laundry little getaway..a quiet place to relax and enjoy myself...(eye roll) yeah, right.  I do think it can be a cheerful place, especially when you smell fresh clothes & detergent.  I like that. I haven't shown you the LR before because while we have done some work in there and I love it, there's more to do. So I'm going to show the parts that are finished or kinda finished.

This is the view into the laundry room from the kitchen.  This is also the only way to the back yard from the main house.  So I want it to be cute, especially since we're planning to screen in the back porch and build a fire pit and stone patio off of that. We hung a wire curtain 'rod' and I made curtains, so I didn't have to look at the broom, swiffer, water heater, vacuum, w&d and laundry all the time.

A couple of months ago I bought this cute enamel table (with a wood base) from HFH.  I finished painting it yesterday.


I think it looked good either way. I just wanted a pop of red in here. As you can see, I'm already in the process of junking it up.  This is my landing spot for tins & other containers that I haven't found a home for yet.

I love french doors and have a few throughout the house separating the den, LR, and hallway to bedrooms from the main part of the house. I think they add a little bit interest.  That cabinet was rusty & beat up when I bought it 10 years's great storage.


This is a broken rake. I use the prongs as a ledge for the tray.

This is a tea towel that I have framed hanging over my dryer. I think it says something about washing on Wednesday.  My picture of it is crooked because I was standing on a dirty pile of clothes taking it.

These are 4 signs that I attached together with a ribbon and hung by the door going outside.

This is basically my pantry.  When we bought the house it was open shelves and Brian made this beautiful cabinet.  He shored up the shelves and attached shutters that we already had and added beadboard & molding.  We left the bottom open for bulkier stuff & attached a cafe rod and tea towel curtains. It's hard to get a full picture because it goes from floor to ceiling..and since I'm short I found a little stool and painted it so I could get the Kahlua down from the top shelf when necessary...

Sorry for the head turn but there's the stool.  (I'm so over Picasa ignoring my request to turn the picture the right way.)  Also, the peel&stick tiling is only temporary until we get the wood floors in..I had to do something with the vinyl flooring and these tiles were an inexpensive solution.

Before I head out, I have started on the Pink Room!  It looks really different already. I culled my closet (what a job!) and moved furniture around..moved a piece into the closet for storage.  

This is sitting by my front door:
The dress is going to my niece and the rest Goodwill.  It felt good to get rid of stuff.  It's very liberating to clean house like this.  

I think I'm going to simplify my blog here too over the weekend, so I'll be messing around with the appearance over the next few days.  It feels a little busy to me.  Oh yeah, we're also cleaning out the garage on Saturday - blech!!  I can't tell you how much I HATE cleaning out the garage..where's the easy button for that?

That's it for me - take it easy,

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  1. I just love all the details in your laundry room-so fresh! The table looks great in red and the stool is too cute with the orange flowers! You are amazing...


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