Sunday, August 1, 2010


Along with being a wife, mother, card carrying member of corporate America and lover of furniture & paint, I am also active in animal rescue.  They usually find me. I've been rescuing animals since I was 7 or poor mom!  I 'rescued' a feeder mouse once while my mom was in a bookstore from the pet store in the same plaza. I asked her for a $1 and bought the mouse for .99.  I had it in a little box in the backseat and we were all the way home before she noticed.  So, taking in animals and finding homes for as many as possible is just how I roll.

So ANYWAY, I had a long list of projects we were going to knock out this weekend. I was completely thrown off my schedule by this little girl....

***Update:  We took her to the vet this morning (Monday 8/2) and turns out she's a 10 week old Rat Terrier in very good health. So she has her first puppy shots and ready for her new home!  Mom is keeping her at her house for me and calling her cute is that???


She was dumped in the country near a friend's home and was going to be taken to the pound.  Knowing what I know about rural shelters, I told my friend I would take her and find her a home. Her chances of making it out of the shelter alive were slim at best.

I got her all settled in..first, some dinner..

This is delicious!
nom, nom, nom...

Then a bath and off to bed...

she was exhausted...
Her head is totally different than the rest of her!

So, she's up for adoption!  I have put the word out far & wide in hopes someone wants to love her forever!  She is doing great with potty training, sleeps in her crate or snuggled up with us on the sofa and is super affectionate and sweet. Brian is teaching her to sit & shake..she's a smart little cookie!

I live in north Georgia if any of my friends in blogland would like to have this baby.  We think she's a min-pin/jack russell mix (totally guessing), est 3 months old & weighs 4 pounds. She has long legs for her size and little feet. She's going to be a small dog.

Olive wants her spot back!

Until a home is found I'm going to continue training her and loving on her!!  Thanks everyone for reading and maybe helping find her forever home!


  1. She IS adorable, Jennifer...I'm praying for her new home.

  2. Oh my gosh! That's the sweetest looking dog! I hope you find a good home for her. I'd take her, but we already have two and Charles would kill me! I was just curious as to how far your town is from mine and it's only 180 miles (I'm in SC). That's pretty cool. Most of the other bloggers I follow live out West. I did find one who lives in the same town as me. How cool is that???


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