Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where to start....

Good news is that work is starting to slow down a little and I think I might actually get the entire weekend off!!  I have a date with sleeping late on Saturday..can NOT wait for that!

A couple of things just totally went my way this past week and who doesn't like it when that happens?

First of all,  I ordered a new bed set for my son's room.  This is the THIRD..I just couldn't find one that really worked in his room..that is until NOW!

I ordered it off and got it today. 

It's the perfect shade of red to go with these:

I had to use the flash and it knocked the color off in this picture, but they look great together. I found these night stands at Salvation Army last year and got the set for $20..of course, they looked terrible when I brought them home but the craftsmanship is wonderful.  Please ignore all the book clutter. We're in the process of organizing his room.

I love the metal snap details on the's like a canvas material but not too rough.  I can't wait for him to see it!

I finished a couple of little projects.  I painted the telephone table and candlestick and then found these two outdoor sconces in the garage!  I bought them years ago and they were packed away in a box.  I used a little bottle of sample paint from Martha Stewart's line.  I haven't heard good reviews of her paint but I thought it did fine for small projects.  I also used Valspar Aphaltum Glaze that MMS has been talking's so easy to work with and I like the look.  I'm putting all of these on the patio for now. 

That is a bunch of beadboard panels that I'm going to paint because we are FINALLY going to rehab the built-in bookcase in the den.  Thank goodness!!  I'm using Dover White from SW and hoping I don't have to put more than 2 coats on...I bought them primed already so maybe I'll get lucky. 

Well my brother is in town for a few days, so I'm going for a visit.  Have a good night!!


  1. You are so good - keeping up with paint manufacturer and color too - how smart is that? I love the end table - just gives that piece a completely new look. I can't wait for you and Brian to enclose your patio so you can put all these pieces together!

  2. Forgot to mention Andy's new bedspread and shams - love them!! Perfect for his room.

  3. Love those shams! You're projects are great, too. Can't wait to see how the beadboard on the bookcase turns out!!


  4. AWESOME projects! I am in love with that telephone table! I've been looking for something similar at GW for months. I love your detail and the color...FAB!

  5. Love, love, love beadboard! And am beyond sad that it is not available here :( My hubby said he can try to mimic the look for smaller projects... am hoping we can do that for the fronts of the kitchen cabinets he'll be building for our new home.

    That is a great bedding set! I have been so pleased with the things I've bought on Overstock. Great products at great prices. And gotta love their $2.95 shipping :)

    Great colors on your patio pieces! Can hardly wait to look for fun, unique items for our "one day" house. Our architect came Saturday to look at the lot so I'm thinking "let the games begin!" LOL


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