Sunday, May 15, 2011


I've been up to my eyeballs in alligators!

Work, work, work..
I work from home which is awesome and I'm totally blessed to have such a good job, so I don't complain.  But when it gets busy at my office, I just settle in because I know that I'm not going anywhere or doing anything except meeting deadlines (the joke around my office is we'll all have company issued catheters, so we won't ever have to leave our computer!)

That blogging, no painting, no new cool finds...

seriously, it's sad.

But, wait..what's this?

It's daylight!!  I'm coming out of the dark tunnel of deadlines, conference calls & late nights and into the light!

And I'm thrilled!!!

But I have to tell you this,  you know I LOVE my cats but I swear they are going to put us in the poorhouse!  Three of them came down with a terrible case of the kitty flu/strep.  They are all ok now, thank goodness (after several trips to the vet and swipes on my debit card)!  Giving one cat meds is bad enough, but THREE was miserable and they all have devil claws to boot!

That was at the beginning of the week THEN I was cleaning out a desk drawer and moved the garage door opener - didn't think a thing about it. So I'm just piddling around the house, doing my own thing and then I wondered where all the cats one was around.  Well,  I accidentally OPENED the garage door when I moved the opener and let all my cats out and didn't realize it until about 1.5 hours later.  So we had to round them up at 10pm with flashlights and that took came back the next morning like the conquering hero..bunch of dummies.

On the upside, we actually started putting the finishing touches on the den this weekend.  My goal is to get everything finished (except the flooring) this week. We're painting the ceiling now and it's NOT white!  Woohoo!

Well, I just wanted to say hi!  Talk to ya soon -


  1. I had to click on the post just because of the skeleton at the desk pic (classic!). Glad the light's at the end of the tunnel for ya and you can have a break soon!

  2. Here's to the end of earnings!!! The garage door thing is TOTALLY my kind of move.

    Can't wait to see the den finished! :) Fabric & Fringe soon... seriously!

  3. You always crack me up! Love the check in....

  4. That dog photo cracks me up! Lol! Thanks for the sweet comments today!



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