Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lady Luck Smiled At Me (& I hope it's not haunted....)

Lady Luck did give me a nod and here's my story...

I've been pining for an armoire/wardrobe for a while.  We really, really need a coat closet and I thought that would be a great solution while adding a little foyer area when you walk in the front door.

So, I found a few armoires that I liked on Craigslist and sent emails to see if they were still the meantime, we had new garage doors installed.  I got carriage doors and love them! Not real carriage just stamped, but in my book, they weren't cheap.  I decided to hold off on an armoire b/c I felt a little queasy spending so much money in ONE week.  So I emailed the lady back telling her I would have to pass - she wrote me right back and told me I could have it for free just please come get it!!  She said I was the only person who was interested and she wanted to get rid of it. Of course, I was beyond tickled.

We picked it up yesterday..

  It's a HUGE, very old wardrobe and the finish is pretty banged up, but it has locks that work, dovetailed drawers (my fav), plenty of storage & aged mirrors. It's all around awesome!  I'm going to paint it, but I'm going to live with it for a while first. (hard to get a good pic but you get the idea)  

I couldn't just take it.  I insisted the lady take something for it, so in the end I got it for $40.  She was a widow and this was her late husband's and it seemed she really wanted it out of the house.  So here's the part that kind of creeped me out, I was watching "My Ghost Story" last night (because I'm a giant chicken & regularly scare the tar out of myself with shows like this).. anyway, they were talking about haunted houses and haunted FURNITURE...hello!  I was watching some haunted chair terrorize a woman and turned around and looked at this wardrobe wondering if I really DID get a good deal....dun, dun, dunnnnnnn.  Crossing my fingers all I brought home was furniture!

Adding to that, this is what my living room looks like now..

Doesn't this look warm & inviting?  The two white tables are sold and one was delivered this morning.  I'm going to get that wooden desk on the left ready for sale this week.

Today we went to a festival and it was so nice to get out of the house.  We're all dirty & tired..all in all, a pretty good weekend.

Talk to you soon & take care -


  1. From what I can see it's beautiful! And oh, what a deal! I'm sure she just didn't like the dark wood and the size. Maybe she didn't care for her husband's taste. Or her husband. But that sounds just like something I'd think about. I had a rug once that I always felt uneasy about. Never said anything to anyone. My daughter has had it for a few years now and I finally got the nerve to ask her if it made her uncomfortable, but she said it didn't. I trust her feelings more than mine, so I guess it was just something I got in my head.

  2. What an amazing and HUGE wardrobe! I would tell people you think it is haunted!! Fun!! You are a nice person to pay this gal something. What comes around goes around.... Can't wait to see what you do with it down the road......

  3. That thing is AMAZING!!! What a cool find! I want to see pics of the new garage doors. :)

  4. I guess it was meant to be......Hope her husband stayed home!


  5. wow, how amazing you got it for free!

  6. 40.00 Wow Lucky! For that price I could ignore any creepiness!lol


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