Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tables Up To My EYEBALLS!

I'm dead serious when I say I have tables all over the house and into the garage.  I don't know what the deal is but lately that's all I'm finding!  The good thing is they are pretty awesome tables, both in quality and shape.  Dibbs have already been called on 3 of them and I'm painting those.

Here's my haul..

On top of Tables R Us in the truck bed, I had the back seat stuffed too!

This is one of the tables that's been sold  -  chairs sold too...working on getting them finished & moving them out!

We might end up keeping this one (at least for a while) because Brian loves the storage. I have sanded the top down, restained it and waxed it.  I'm painting the base to go with the den.

I can't tell if this was handmade or what.  It's made with old fashioned nails & wood planks - it's very cool.

So this is what I'm working on right now.  I've been distracted lately and haven't finished alot of my furniture. You all probably know about the terrible, terrible storms we had tear through the South.  Our town was hit and I'm amazed at how quickly my little community has pulled together to help the ones who literally lost everything they own.  We were in duck & cover mode for hours; it was pretty scary at times.  I count my blessings that my sister and her family are okay too.  She lives in Harvest, AL and it was devastated by one tornado after another.  Subdivisions all around her were's amazing how some homes are left standing and others have disappeared.

I count each day a blessing and hope you all are enjoying yours!


  1. You have got some pretty awesome tables! Isn't it funny how we seem to find things in spurts?

    So glad you and your sister had no or little damage. I live in east central Alabama. Storms 20 miles to the north of us and 20 miles to the south of us and we barely got any rain. I'm so anxious to do whatever I can, even if it's just to donate some water. So many tragedies.

  2. Glad to hear that everyone in your family is okay after those tornados! I live in southeast Florida....."Hurricane Alley!" Crazy weather is a very scary thing..... Stay safe. Can't wait to see what you do with all those tables!

  3. I have so worried about all of the bloggers in the tornado zone, one by one you have all been checking in and all is OK, so glad to hear it.
    I have the same thing happen to me, I find all tables, or all lamps, etc. Thant's just the way it goes!


  4. I actually have the same coffee table right now! I'm not sure about handmade, but it is well made! We also took out the wrought iron rack on the bottom (not sure if yours still had that when you bought it) so the dog could walk under it. Crazy I know, but we love him! Great storage for remotes and t.v. time things like nail clippers, files and lotions! Hope you enjoy it like we enjoy ours!


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