Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cleaning Old Bottles

Hey kids! I'm just wrapping up my weekend and wanted to pass along a little tip for cleaning those old dirty bottles that we love.

You may already know this but it was new to me. This method of cleaning them works like a charm on MOST bottles but it won't do anything for rust (diluted muriatic acid gets that out - it will also burn your face off - that's a whole other post).  Anyway...

I love their shape but it also makes them hard to clean with a brush.

Using these two will do the trick.

 Start with salt the more coarse the better...

add some dishwashing liquid & splash of warm water..

give it a good shake...then rinse

and enjoy your pretty bottles!

You may have to do the whole process a couple of times but it works really well for surface dirt. I finished a couple of pretty big projects this weekend and went to Fabric & Fringe again ( it was fab-u-lous!) I have pics to share of fabric heaven - so check back!

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  1. Thanks so much...I have a couple of bottles that could stand some cleaning.


  2. thanks for the tip, we have a few old bottles we've collected antique shopping

  3. Thanks for the tip! I've got a window sill full of icky bottles that I can now make fresh and new! I'm now a follower!

  4. ah-ha! thanks for the tip. :)

  5. Thanks so much!...we inherited a box of old medicinal bottles when we moved into our home...I love the bottles but don't like the residue of all of the ingredients we dumped out, so have always had to keep them way out of reach of little ones. Should have thought of this though...salt and crushed ice is how to clean a glass coffee pot (waitressing 101).

  6. Just tried it and yes it really works!!!! Thanks!

  7. Thanks... it works.
    Kathy from the snowy Ozarks

  8. Do you have to use Kosher salt, or can you use any type of salt?

  9. This works on coffee pots as well just add cup of ice and swirl. An easier way to clean old bottles is a denture tablet.

    1. we used to add the juice of a lemon to the coffee pots at work along w/ the salt and ice. we just called it 'sweetening' the pot. but itll get rid of hard water stains too ill bet. one thing I have to say is, if a bottle has been sitting out in the weather, or underground(as many of mine were. we found a trash dump over a creek bank) this method will work only on the inside. the outside had been etched by all sorts of things. minerals in the soil will 'scar' the glass beyond repair or cleaning. same thing w/ weather. I personally don't care about the appearance of the glass as long as I know its clean. I found a cobalt bottle once(in the same 'dump'). it has three sides. two having the name of the product which is 'laxol'. the third side was smooth and curved. I came to the conclusion that it was the side w/ the paper label and that 3 of them were arranged in a circle for advertisings sake. have you ever noticed that the cobalt doesn't get all nasty on the outside? stays as shiny and smooth as the day it was manufactured. cool, huh.

  10. I found some old bottles buried in a former dump site. They are really nasty. I think I'm going to try soaking in a bleach solution first, as they're really stained.

  11. I have used rice or dried beans with water and swoosh around.

  12. Toilet bowel cleaner will work, too.

  13. How can you retain the shine of an old bottle on the outside?

  14. Clara 12-29-13..
    Can this be done on old blue bottles without damaging the color?

  15. You can also add some uncooked rice as an extra scrubbing agent. Be sure and toss in the trash after instead of the sink so the rice doesn't swell in the drains. I have used the rice and dish soap for years on baby bottles, gets in all the nooks and crannies!

  16. Bleach diluted with water and place in the sun will get stains out of the cracks of the old bottles that have been in dump .

  17. I use Clorox & water mixture. Submerged bottle overnight. Stains just disapear like magic.

  18. I use Clorox & water mixture. Submerged bottle overnight. Stains just disapear like magic.

  19. The submerged clorox-water method I also use to clean my coffee stained cup.

  20. Use rice instead of salt.

  21. Pop in a denture-cleanser tablet and hot water, let sit a few hours.

    Jordan University

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