Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Curtains, A Pillow & Fabric Heaven

I've mentioned Fabric & Fringe a few times here lately.  I'm going to give you the low down on it today but first, I would like to show you what I've made from their fab-u-lous fabrics...

 Dining room curtains..

 I used swing rods over this window, so I didn't need full panels on both sides - they're just for show. 

 This fabric was $15 a yard.  I used 3 yards, cut it in half and lined each piece with a $5 flat sheet from Walmart that was also cut in half.

 I don't remember how much this was but I LOVED the peacock blue.  (I'm painting a table right now inspired by this blue.)  I made 2 pillows and trimmed them with brown pom-poms.
 I've shown these curtains before. They're in the den (and it's still a work in progress).  I lined them with drop cloths that I had left over from making slipcovers.

This is why I think Fabric & Fringe has an awesomeness problem...'s a pretty store from the outside..

  And it has a nice room to drop off uninterested parties that you brought with you....(the lighting in the store was terrible for pictures).

They sell jewelry reworked from vintage pieces.

And it has all of this:

 Tassels & tiebacks

All kinds of fabric in all colors...

Racks & racks of trim...

Cowhide anyone?

Loooooong aisles of fabric bolts

I have tons more pictures but like I said, the lighting was really bad and they don't do the store justice. If you are in North Georgia then go, go, GO!  It's a great resource and it's really inspiring to see all the colors and combinations  that you may not have considered.  

I'm off to finish painting my table & I have to bring chairs in from outside.  Did I tell you we've started a vegetable garden?  My first one!  If you have any tips on growing your own food, I'd love to hear it!

Talk to you soon -


  1. LOOOVVVEE the throw pillows. Have i ever been to this place with yall?? This is inspiring me to re-asses my curtain choices.. hmm..

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