Saturday, April 16, 2011

Everything BUT blog

I know you guys can relate..between working my day job, taking care of the fam, the house and furniture rehab I am wiped out at night!  So by the time I could blog, I  was just too tired. All of that changed today and we had a fun & relaxing day.

So this past week I finished a table that has been sitting in my dining room for weeks.

It's a pine table with great storage.

It's one of those 70's pieces. I don't have a before pic of it but it was stained that orangey color with black flecks - blech.  I painted it Dover white and lightly distressed it. I used Fiddes & Sons clear wax - that stuff is awesome.  It was so easy to buff. 

It was nice to sand that top down & appreciate the pretty satisfying.  If you want more details on this piece, it's for sale at SpringHouse Furniture.

Do you want to see a happy man?

We have a good sized yard and it can take hours to mow both front & back with a push mower. With this baby, it took Brian 35 min to mow both today!  It's weird what you find exciting as you get older...mowers, garage doors, paint has definitely changed.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and we'll talk soon -


  1. I don't think I ever realized the doors on those things opened that way. Too cool!

    It looks great, Jennifer!

  2. We had fun today and wow...does the table look amazing!! Thank you, Jennifer!


  3. Had to laugh at the comment about what gets us excited when we're older -- we are the same way, only we used to get excited about it when we were young too :) Must have been old before our time. LOL

    Lovely job on the table! I'm pretty sure my mom had a pair of those when I was a kid.

  4. The table looks great!

    Don't our guys love to ride those mowers? Mine rides all year round. In the fall and winter to mulch the leaves. In the spring and summer the grass hasn't a chance to grow half an inch. He gets on there with the roar of the motor and just thinks and thinks and thinks.

  5. Love the table! Who cares that it sat around for a little while? I call that 'marinating." The piece is better because you didn't rush it. Looks awesome.:)

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