Monday, April 25, 2011

In love with my loveseat!

First of all, I hope you all had a nice Easter!  We did..just relaxed and took it all in.  I appreciate everyone one who prayed for my friend (previous post).  I talked to her today and she's doing as well as can be expected.  She's a tough cookie but keep those positive thoughts & prayers for her! 

Ok, so I keep thinking I'm finished with the living room but then I see something and want to switch it all up!  My latest move was changing out loveseats.  I had a Cushman wood sofa in this spot but it just wasn't very comfortable for "crapping out," as we call it around here.  So when Brian and I saw this cushy sofa at GW, we brought it home.

It was in pristine condition.  Love the shape of it but the stripes in the upholstery were a bear to cover. I had to double layer the slipcover (that was a new one).  It was a lot of extra work and UNfun!

Here it is all finished.  I think the piping really accentuates the shape of the arms. Plus, Olive likes's important.  I would hate to not have cat hair all over it.

I really like the curvy legs.

I woke her up..I don't think she cares about my blog.

Look at her pretty green eyes..they match the pillow.

Before, before:

This is the living room with the wooden loveseat..we're moving that to the patio.


I think this looks better and it's SO comfortable!

So I picked up a truckload of furniture last week, literally.  The garage is crammed, CRAMMED full.  I have to get busy painting..can we add more hours to a day?  Let me know if you've figured that out!  I'm linking to all the cool parties in the sidebar.

I have a pile of dishes to take care of, so we'll talk soon -


  1. You did score!! It looks great and yet,again, I can't believe that you got it painted and covered in just a few days~you are Superwoman!!


  2. Love it! Great job, the room looks beautiful and yes the cat needs to like it! Thanks for sharing.

  3. What a great transformation! I have been wanting to do something similar to my couches. I'm wondering, did you use a canvas drop cloth or fabric from the store? ~Lori

  4. gorgeous, love the slip cover! thanks for sharing this at my party!

  5. Thank you all for commenting!! I tried to write back to Lori and I'm getting an error message. I wanted to tell you that I used drop cloths from Lowe's. I bleach them out and they turn out very durable and soft. Just fyi! Thanks again for coming by - JenT


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