Monday, May 9, 2011

Aliens & Tables & Mom!

That pretty much sums up my Mother's Day! Before anything else, I want to thank my mother, Betty Jane. My brother, sister & I have been blessed, truly blessed, with a generous, strong, kind, light-hearted, sincere, faith-walking, praying, spanked you when you needed it, unconditional-loving mother. I spent Saturday (Sunday too!) with her...

If this picture disappears you'll know she didn't like it and made me take it down.

We had a nice lunch & bought beautiful fabric!  How awesome is that?  Here are a few of the things I gave Mom..

I just love the whole look of this one.  It's perfect in her living room!  It was part of the furniture pile I brought home a week or two ago.

Here's the before:

I had already sanded the top down.

Next, lamps....

 I also gave her set of brass lamps a lift.  She loves them - mission accomplished!  (But let me just say this, you'd have to pay me $1000 to make another lampshade like how, no way..nuh-uh.  Burlap is miserable to work with..I know it's dearly loved by many, but it sure can mess up your contacts with all that lint flying around.  Not to mention when you have hot glue stuck to your fingers and burlap lint stuck to the hot glue..MIS-ER-yyyy.) But if you are up for a challenge, then click here to see how I made this shade.

Here's the lamp before:

We had these when I was a kid..time for a change.  Oil Rubbed Bronze & the shade update brought them back to life!

One more table..

Looking a little tired & very, very brown.

 Again, it's perfect for her living room. I just love the lines of these tables..SO pretty! A little paint & elbow grease go a long way..and a really good sander.

And seriously, how could you not appreciate that beauty?

As for my Mother's Day...

 Hey...what's this?  For moi?  
(BTW, delivery person - don't mind the plants, just drop it anywhere!)

On top of living with two funny guys who keep my life interesting & full of love, they gave me a spray painter for my special day!  No more aching hands or wrists from holding a brush for hours!

 My two sweetheart aliens take good care of me!

Before I go..
 Little Birdie here is hoping you all had a wonderful time celebrating Moms!

and Betty left you some flowers....

Talk to you soon!

P.S.  I'm linking to the side bar parties!


  1. You're funny! I enjoyed reading your post! You gotta tell me how you like your sprayer, I'm in the market for one!

    Happy painting:)

  2. Loved reading this post! So glad you had a great Mother's Day. The aliens...a little scary. lol


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