Friday, January 7, 2011

Table Top Revived!

I love wood!!  
(That's what she said) 

Seriously though, after digging out of the festive rubble that was my Christmas decor,  I rearranged a couple of pieces in the living room.  I had this piece here and this one here.

After moving them around I decided to improve their looks as well.  I finished one of them today and while it is a small change I think it is a nice improvement.

Here's a close up of the problem...

These black marks didn't bother me when I first brought it home.  It was kinda tucked in a corner but after moving it I had to get rid of them.

 I used 50 then 120 then 220 grit. Now it's all smoooth! Sanding it also brought out all the beauty of the wood and it's variations of color that those nasty black marks were hiding.

And here's the after....
 I used my favorite wax, Walnut Minwax.  
It adds color, a satin lustre and it protects the surface..great combo!

I think it looks much nicer now!

The cabinet I mentioned at the top of this post is in the middle of my living room ready for glaze. I'm going to catch up on my TiVo'd shows and finish it!

One more picture to show you...

Bedtime at my house....
(a rare moment when one of them isn't tearing something up)

I'm joining Miss Mustard Seed's FFF - c'mon over!

Take care -


  1. I thought the table looked good before but it does look GREAT now. The photos of Andy are wonderful-what did you use to make the collage?

  2. I'm getting ready to start a project like this today with a table I got at the consignment store. I LOVE the wood top and painted legs, exactly what I'm going to do with my table. Great piece.

  3. You did wonders with this Jen! It is breathtaking!

    Take care,

  4. Thanks for the inspiration! I have that table in my basement... time to spruce it up and bring it upstairs.

  5. I like wood too!! Thanks for your inspiration of redoing a table...I've got one too I need to refinish, check back at Mel's Cabin.


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