Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sick of Ikea yet?? A little tip for you...

We made the trek to Ikea last weekend.  I read a post the other day about loving/hating Ikea..that's definitely where I am with that store.  Brian and I were talking about how you have to know how to 'work' the system and save yourself some grief (and in some cases, your marriage!)  We drove down last Friday to pick up this TV console:

It's part of the entertainment system that we're buying for our den remodel.  

We drove to Ikea on Friday.  We poked around the store for a while, had lunch and headed downstairs to pick up the console and check out.  Well, of course, they were sold out of the one we wanted.  They had plenty of consoles up high on the shelves but none on the floor and they won't pull them off the shelf during store hours...did NOT know this!  So we had to go back Saturday morning (New Year's day) to pick it up.

This cruel venture back and forth to Ikea has taught me a valuable lesson.  And here it is...if you are going to Ikea for a specific item and it's a major ordeal to get there (like it is for me), then call ahead that morning and make sure they have what you want on the floor (have the product number - you can get it off the website) and ask them to set one aside with your name on it.  Another useful bit of info, we were told by a guy in customer service that you can't count on the website's inventory's wrong.

All that aside, we're super happy with our console. It's solid wood (the frame & main support) and the hardware rocks PLUS all the controllers, chargers and whatever else is all tucked away and organized!

All the best for your day!


  1. I love Ikea, and miss it terribly. That is one of my wishes for wherever we move next. I also need to find some places to go Antiquing.
    Love the blog!!

  2. hi jennifer! thank you so much for your sweet comment! so nice of you to stop by!




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