Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dining Room & A Feature!

I want to thank Maryann from Domestically Speaking for spotlighting the mirror I painted last week at her Power of Paint Party -THANK YOU!!!  I've followed her blog for a while now and love her philosophy towards life & decorating!  I love link parties - the creativity shown by everyone is truly inspiring and I appreciate all of the gracious ladies who host them!

Ok, now let me ask you confused does your husband stay?  I keep mine pretty confused and guessing when it comes to my musical furniture's the latest.

I bought this Ethan Allen dining set a couple of years ago from a consignment store. It's a well made maple set and it was a steal. I knew it was going to need some work but rarely do I buy anything that isn't a project. 

The first thing I did was paint the chairs black.  Let me just say that painting these chairs was a royal pain! There are so many details about them with the spindles, curves..gotta get every angle took me about a week to get them finished working around my job, weather & the fam.

It looked better but I still had some work to do. 
(This looks so yucky to me now..but it was a start)

 Next the table top....

  I sanded the tabletop down to reveal GORGEOUS wood and sealed it with tung oil. 

Then I pulled some things out of the room, so it wouldn't feel so busy and Brian hung the chandelier. But it just didn't look right to me (this is where the husband confusion comes in because when I told him the chairs just didn't look right, I got a resounding "WHAT!?!" back). Well, you gotta do what ya gotta do, so I 'sat on it' for a while and waited...patience grasshopper..THENNN

I found THESE at Goodwill:

Nice details & very simple.

I love this mid-century look - clean lines & just a smidge wide..perfect!  So while I loved the shape, I did not love the fabric and they needed a paint touch-up.


(I think I have a crush on this fabric...)

I recovered them in a woven houndstooth and added a fresh coat of paint. (like my chair model?)

Here's the dining room now:

I'm super happy with the change!
These white chairs & the chairs that I slipcovered a while back are just the look I was after.

The only thing left in the dining room is to restore our mahogany buffet...and then I'll be ready to repaint the whole room, I'm sure.  And just in case all the husbands haven't figured it out yet, we'll never be finished!

I'm linking to SNS @ Funky Junk & Under The Table and Dreaming.

I'm going junking now - have a good Saturday!


  1. Well, you KNOW I love the houndstooth (and the chair model)! I really like the white chairs with the table better than the black, but I adore that green - especially with the houndstooth. Just sayin'. :)

    I really need to start having a workshop with you once a month so you can teach me some of your brilliance. :)

  2. I just have to say " Wow" the table looks really smooth and gorgeous. I can see the beautiful wooden detail of the table top. Nicely done. The chairs are really nice. I can't believe you found those at Goodwill. I have to go and look for some as well. I adore the fabric you chose for the chairs. Really modern and looks stunning with the other white cover chairs. It looks fresh and stylish. Thanks for sharing. New follower as well.

  3. Gorgeous! I dearly love that houndstooth.

  4. I LOVE your dining room! Houndstooth & green...a match made in heaven.

  5. hahahaha If we didn't keep our hubbies confused, we wouldn't be doing our job! :)

    Love the "new" look. I am a fan of mid-century modern too, and love the fun way you updated the chairs with the houndstooth fabric. Gorgeous!

    We're still using a 6' folding table bought at Sam's Club because I haven't found a table I love yet, and I won't buy one unless I love it. Meanwhile a tablecloth hides a multitude of plastic :)

  6. FABULOUS!!! I love the colors, the pattern on the chair and those CHAIRS...GREAT job!


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