Friday, March 18, 2011

Chairs: A success, A FAIL & Finds!

I've been working on chairs..pretty much all chairs all week.  Some pieces I research to find out who made them, when and where. It's been pretty interesting with some furniture.  We're also adding on to our workshop and that's exciting. Just to have the space to really work and the equipment/tools right there when you need them and NOT be all over the living/dining rooms is pretty awesome! 

This seems to be an American Empire chair:

This is one scary before picture.  

Beautiful shape and nice sturdy mahogany wood frame. 

I had to cut out all the upholstery and basically gut it.  This part sucks eggs, that's for sure, but it's a work in progress.  Beer me patience! (Office joke)

I finished this beauty:

Love the lines, wide seat & back..mid-century modern Danish style.

Eww..yeah, this wasn't working.  It reminds me of a nurses uniform from the 50s - FAIL.  I stopped before attaching the seat - back to the drawing board!

 Black distressed paint is much better and I tied in the fabric from the drapes. Yep..this will work!

One more..I picked this up Wednesday and I'm making the slipcover now:

It's a solid frame and super comfortable.  And it reminds me of armchairs I was admiring at Williams-Sonoma.  It has that 30s-40s sitting room style and it's perfect in the den.  So my little den is really shaping up and everyone in my house is diggin' it!

I  celebrated my wedding anniversary yesterday and my sweet, sweet husband gave me a beautiful locket with a picture of him and my son in it.  I just love it!  We're also going on a little trip to celebrate and I am taking plenty of pictures of the cool shops I'm planning on visiting.  Alot of fun stuff to look forward to!  

I'm linking to these parties and Feathered Nest Fridays & Inspiration Friday!

Have a fun Friday! 


  1. I really like the little black chair, it turned out great - looking forward to seeing what you do with the first one (it looks like a lot of work!)

  2. wow! I'm impressed at all of your projects!

  3. You're rocking out the projects, girl!
    A friend brought a suitcase for us, but they're still in Buenos Aires and I'm not sure when I'll get the suitcase here. One of the things in it is the proper foot for my sewing machine to do piping, and once that's in hand, I am going to town on slipcovers :)
    Meanwhile I'm inspired by all your work!

  4. Okay, when you get that first chair finished I am going to come steal it from you! I have been looking for a chair in that shape. I bet all of these are going to be fabulous! Thanks so much for linking up to Inspiration Friday At The Picket Fence!

  5. OK, you really would pick up those chairs in a heartbeat! I better not tell you where they are listed because they are a few hours from me...but a few hours from you too! Can I just tell you that they are on Craigslist listed for $50 for BOTH?!


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