Sunday, March 13, 2011

Making Progress!

I didn't finish any major projects but I did make some headway...

Mom and I set off for IKEA yesterday morning to start her kitchen remodel.  She picked out gorgeous cabinets.  Here is a model of the kitchen she's chosen:

 It's the STAT model with beadboard fronts.  She's getting granite countertops & her appliances are black/stainless steel.

Now the fun part of tearing down the kitchen and putting it all back together begins...this is where Brian comes in, bless his heart.  We have to switch around some electrical, vents and do some demo first.  I'm going to drag all willing to come through this process with us.  I have some experience hanging sheetrock, but I want to really learn how to frame a wall, minor electrical, plumbing, the artful use of shims, etc.

And while I was at Ikea, I bought another piece for our entertainment center.

I will have this loaded down with my beautiful crap in no time!

 Also, if you are anywhere near Atlanta, then you must go to Fabric & Fringe Warehouse in Marietta.  A guy in town who does upholstery tipped us off to it a couple of years ago.  They have a HUGE selection of gorgeous fabrics, trim, and even custom made jewelry.  Really good prices too, some of the fabric is $5 a yard and it's not cheap stuff.  We had a blast in there..although, after awhile it can start to feel like too many choices - a problem I will gladly work through.

So here is what I picked for den curtains:

  Love, love, LOVE it!!!  The background looks like a paler shade of the wall paint and the black has a distressed look. Perfect!

I'm getting some furniture ready to sell today - it's painting weather here!   I hope you all enjoy your Sunday & I'll talk to ya soon!



  1. Hi Jen,
    Your moms kitchen is going to be gorgeous! And that fabric for your curtains is so elegant!

  2. The photo of Jen's fabric does not do it justice - it will look dramatic when hung. I'm very excited about the kitchen - we are doing it in stages - long stages.

  3. Thanks for the tip on the fabric! I live in South GA but am headed to Atlanta next month and might have to check it out!

  4. Hi Jen thank you for being my first follower I have had some issues with getting my photos to load when I go to the design part of my blog. any tips?? I ma looking forward to getting to know you better thank you for your kindness.


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