Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Slipcover the house already

I seriously think I may need a slipcover intervention.  I finished another piece today.  It's the curvy number I bought last week and I'm pretty happy with how it looks cleaned up.
  I actually prefer to buy older furniture; I think it's just made better.  We have new pieces and I really like them but you just can't beat dovetailed drawers, solid wood tops, unique hardware, upholstered pieces with hickory frames and cotton batting, the smell of old wood and the thrill of the hunt! LOVE it!

Back to my chair, here she is:

 I made a point to overstuff the seat cushion.  It's a very comfortable chair. I had been asked in an email if I ever double piped - I have now!  It was really out of necessity,  you could still see some of the old tapestry peeping out at the bottom and I needed to add a bit more length.  It worked and I like the look, so yay!

I did have to do a very minor repair job on the seat springs.

I needed to add strapping down the middle. There was a spring that had sprung!

Just followed the other two and stapled down. Easy enough.

Kinda messy job covering it all but it's on the bottom.

And a parting shot...

I made the curtains and hung them last week.  The table to the right was given to me by my mom and she's threatened my life if I paint it (I wouldn't even without the death threat).  It's a gorgeous piece.  That pillow won't stay but for now, I'm pretty pleased with it all.

I'm going to spend this evening tinkering with my blog and linking the 'furniture for sale' blog to it.  I need to figure out a better way to list the linky parties.  I've seen where some people list all the buttons at the bottom of the post and I like that.  Until then, just follow this link for the party buttons & Feathered Nest Friday @ French Country Cottage.   

 Halfway to the weekend - have a good one!


  1. You did a great job on your chair! I am working up the courage to do a slipcover for a wingback chair.

    You make it seem so easy! :)

  2. Your chair looks fabulous! I love the old stuff too. The workmanship can;t be beat.

  3. You have a right to be pleased with the way it all looks! You did a great job on the chair AND the curtains. Lovin' it all!

  4. I want to do a slip cover so bad! You're looks great, I think I can, I think I can....I hope I'll try!

  5. can you please come over and slipcover my house? this chair looks lovely...wonderful a follower.


    stuff and nonsense

  6. that is simply beautiful! the chair has a fantastic shape and this really showcases it nicely.

  7. Ohh! Can you come to South Georgia and make one for me? I just posted about some chairs I want to buy and recover, but I could so settle for a well made slipcover. Unfortunately, I can't sew a button on, much less do this!

  8. Wow this is darling- I love your slipcovered chair and had to laugh when you said you might need a slipcover intervention... I have felt that way about furniture, or accessories or what ever before too! :) Would love if you would come share this at Feathered Nest Friday sometime- its darling! Now following along. :)

  9. What an awesome job you did on this chair..Big pat on the back girl..Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  10. that looks awesome! great job on the chair. thanks for sharing this at my party.

  11. Just beautiful! I'm crazy for slipcovers over at Brambly. Recently, I had bold, striped slipcovers made for a pair of wingbacks-now, I'm craving a subdued cover like you chose. You've got me thinking about it again. Have a wonderful weekend.


  12. Love the chair! I really like the fabric for the curtains, too. Do you remember where you got the curtain fabric?

  13. Hi there- just stopping back to say thanks for sharing this at FNF! :)

  14. Hello Jennifer,
    Well done...she is beautiful!

    I just finished my very first slipcover...I'm so proud of myself. Not as hard as I thought, buts lots of pin pricks to my fingers ;-<

    Again, your chair is lovely

    Janet xox

  15. Thank you SO MUCH for linking up to WHASSUP WEDNESDAY!!! Great entry:)

    Hope to see you next Wednesday!


  16. This looks so awesome! Someday I will attempt a slip cover. I should learn how to sew in a straight line first though haha :)

  17. Great job on that chair! I love the slipcover intervention thing,Soooo cute!


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