Monday, September 6, 2010

Kitchens & furniture

These are two of my favorite things (you have to sing that or it loses it's charm!)

I designed a layout for my mom's new kitchen. Ikea's planning software is pretty cool & easy to navigate.  I'm definitely going to blog the details of this project.  We are in the planning stages & since I don't think the electrical part is much fun, I'll wait until we get to the actual installation to start blogging.

I'm pretty sure this is the plan she wants to go with.  These cabinets are topless for now but you get the idea.  I just love it.  

Next I'm going to hop on over to my sister's place...look at what she did with the sheet music bookcase I made for her!
She has this nestled on a stair landing.

I love the old hat box, the hat, bird in a nest..the little chair & lamp..I just love it all. It's just so cute and SO Julie!

She also made this adorable Halloween banner...

The vintage images were downloaded from the web. 

Can't wait to see it all in person on my next visit..but seriously, she'll probably have everything switched around by then.

Happy Labor Day! 

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  1. Well, you DO go on! I love the way the bookcase looks on the landing-now you WANT to go upstairs! I'm finishing the Halloween banner for Shanley and I think I like hers better-oh, well! I can't wait to get going on Mom's kitchen. Love you!


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