Sunday, September 12, 2010

Scott Antique Market & more beadboard!!

I need a weekend from my weekend. I'm sure you can all relate. This weekend was Scott Antique Market - that's a big deal in Atlanta. I didn't take my camera, so I have no pictures...bummer.  But if you have no idea what it's like and would like to this amazing blogger has some good shots.

It was a family trip sister, her husband, niece, my mom & Brian all piled up for the one hour drive. There is PLENTY of inspiration to be found but man it's be more specific, it's INSANE expensive. But I did find a little something that I think is uber cool...

This glove form.

Onto our project du jour -

Brian got busy with the bookcase and it's coming along, but it looks like a tornado hit it the den.  We're reconfiguring my workspace (I work from home), so this is a big, big deal for me.  I'm tickled!!
Before I go, let me show you this corkboard...

I found this in a local shop and it was a little more than what I normally would spend.  But alot of work went into this and I appreciate the detail, so I think it's worth it. I have another frame that I'm going to attach to the one on it now that will add even more character.  

I hope this post makes sense..I'm bleary-eyed and still have alot to do..but it's all good stuff!!  Have a good Sunday night, ladies!

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  1. Very cool cork board! Have fun making your work space!


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