Thursday, September 9, 2010

Shopping the house

I like to save money & try to squeeze a penny until it screams on SOME things.  I wanted a different chair for my 'office' in the den, so I had a look around.  I decided to move an extra one I had in the dining room. I picked this chair up for $20 years ago. It is solid wood, very heavy AND it has another coat of paint on it thanks to the den makeover.


Using the flash for blogging is not cool, but unfortunately it's very necessary on cloudy days in my house. (What you can't see is my blinded cat off to the side who stared at the camera right when it flashed.)


It looks very clean & simple now.  I used Stratton Blue from Benjamin Moore & Dover White from Sherwin Williams. The Stratton Blue is going up on the walls in the den (I'm pretty sure). It will be a little brighter on the walls because I glazed this. BM is like painting with's so thick & did I mention awesome?

I picked up the cushion at Pier 1.  It's so comfy - which is REALLY good because this is where I'm parked for most of the day.

One more thing before I go.  Here is a little peek at the bookcase...

I have everything crammed in there for now.  I can't stand a mess and I have the den torn A-P-A-R-T! But I will tell you that I love how it is coming together even if I have to take baby steps.  I'm a patient woman and I have a feeling that my patience will be tested during this den renovation!

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