Saturday, September 25, 2010

Spotlight & a Peek at the Bookcase!

Sherrie from A Vintage Affaire chose me for her Blog Spotlight Saturday this week and I am so grateful and honored!  Please go by Sherrie's blog.  Her booth is beautiful and full of unique finds & I love her tutorial on aging silk flowers!  Thank you so much, Sherrie!

I wanted to show a little peek at the bookcase. I finally feel like we are getting somewhere close to the end.  It's one of those projects where you think, "I'm not doing anything for a while after this."  But then I've already started something much for that.

I think I'm wearing Brian out though.  He asked when we would be finished with projects and I'm like..uh, never.  So, I think he's super happy about that!

Onto the bookcase...

I could just hug paint!  It's a clean look that I don't think I'll get tired of over the years (because I never want to do this again.)

 My goal is to hide all of the ugly stuff that we need for our home office & in the den.  I'm looking for pretty storage and using baskets like these.

I have to use these daily for work. They aren't pretty but they're a necessity. So getting them off the desktop, so my son will stop slamming the cord in the drawer was a must.  A pretty hook goes a long way.

So today we have to do our usual yardwork (not gardening) After that, we're laying out the veneer for the bookcase and may start that step today.  We'll see, I have some family swinging by today and since life is about the people in it, this may get waylaid.  I'm so grateful you spent a little of your day here with me and hope you have a fun weekend!!


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